Our Products

Speaker System - Our speakers sit inside a custom designed housing that directs sound downwards towards the user’s ears to allow for the optimal combination of music/audio and ambient sound.    The speakers attach securely and interchangeably to our specially designed hats, visors and headbands with all wires hidden inside the band of the hat. They can be adjusted to direct sound slightly forward or back depending on the user’s preference. 

Bluetooth Receiver - Our bluetooth receiver is rugged, but light and compact. It is designed to easily clip to the back of our hats and visors, and will seamlessly pair with any bluetooth-enabled smartphone or audio device.  

Hats - Our running hats, baseball caps, visors and headbands are custom designed to accept our unique speaker system and bluetooth receiver.  There are small holes on either side of the hat that secure the speakers comfortably above the user’s ears.  The speaker system is removable so that our hats can easily be washed.  We have two talented designers on board who will help make our hats something you’ll want to wear!