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About Bluewire Audio

Necessity is the mother of all invention.  Andy Proos came up with the idea for hat-mounted speakers while training for his first marathon in 2009.  He had never run with earbuds because of both convenience and safety concerns, but once his long runs reached 15 miles, he needed some distraction!

Our Products

We are so excited to have a final prototype, manufactured by Ideology Product Development, in Attleboro, MA.  Prior to our official launch at the 2016 Boston Marathon, we are offering customers an opportunity to purchase our wearable speaker system via our Kickstarter campaign that will be launched in the coming weeks.

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Our Progress

Bluewire Audio LLC is excited to have the final prototype of our unique wearable speaker system. It was developed in conjunction with Ideology Product Development, located in Attleboro, MA. We are working through a final round of audio testing to optimize speaker performance in preparation for manufacturing.  Once complete, we will begin our first production run with our partners,  Pilgrim Innovative Plastics, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts.